Guides on CryptoShares Wallet

Follow below Step for Swap SHARES Coin to USDSHARES Token:

Requirement :

  • For SWAP Cryptoshares Coin into USDSHARES Token you must have SHARES Coin Balance Available in your wallet.
    Also In your wallet particular network Token also required.

  • There is total 4 Network for USDSHARES Token.
  • Binance (For SWAP into Binance you must have BNB available in your wallet)

  • Polygon (For SWAP into Polygon you must have MATIC available in your wallet)

  • Ropsten (For SWAP into Ropsten you must have ETH available in your wallet)

  • TRON Nile (For SWAP into TRON Nile you must have TRX available in your wallet)

Guide for SWAP :

  • Go to the Swap page for SWAP your CryptoShares Coin into USDSHARES Token.

  • Now Enter amount of CryptoShares Coin for Swap.
    (Check Min & Max Amount of SWAP below of START SWAP button)

  • After Enter Coin Amount next you have to select Network in which you want to receive USDSHARES Token.

  • After Selection of network click on START SWAP button.

  • Once you will click on START SWAP Button it will deduct CryptoShares Coin as well as selected Network Token from your wallet and you will receive USDSHARES Token in your wallet address of particular Selected Network within 1 -2 hour.